G.I. Shop Talk – Canines, Runways and Coast Guard Uniforms

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The Army says that whenever possible they’ll put twins in the same outfit, provided they get along with each other…The QMC is now quartering G.I. canines in discarded liquor barrels. We hope the dogs don’t get the wring ideas…The Air Forces have received enough steel landing mats to lay a 150-foot steel runway from Washington, DC., to Buffalo, N.Y., if any one wanted to use them that way. A 3,000-foot runway can be laid in less than 48 hours…Not to MPs: Don’t pick up Coast Guardsmen in a single-breasted coat with brass buttons for being out of uniform. That’s new G.I. for Coast Guardsmen of the Mounted Beach Patrol and Port Security Duty, and optional for other Coast Guardsmen assigned to shore units. The cap is like the one worn by chief petty officers, and bears the Coast Guard seal. In the summer they will get khaki.

coast guard

Actor and Director Richard Quine during WWII in his Coast Guard single breasted uniform.

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