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Some Joes have all the luck. We’re thinking of a T/5 we ran into the other day who told us about a find he made on his last trip to London. Seems he was mousing around a side street off Piccadilly when he came across an antique shop with a sign in the window reading: “Foreign Coins—1d. Each.”

piccadilly square wwii corporal

Crowds celebrate V-E Day  in Piccadilly Square 1945.

So he ambles in and asks to see some of them there one-penny coins and the clerk brings out a fistful of European and Oriental money all mixed in with some American nickels, dimes, and quarters. Casual like, the Corporal selects the Yankee dough, together with a couple of Spanish pesetas to make him look like a bona-fide coin collector, and walks out. Oh, yes, the deal cast him eighteen pence and the swag amounted to $2.05. Cunning, isn’t it?

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