Dear YANK:

This will sound phoney as hell, but we’re not kidding, YANK. We’re in the Paratroopers, and I guess there are no greater misfits in the Army than us. You see, we were deep-sea fishermen before we were inducted into the Army, and when we were sent to the Infantry we decided it was only a little more ridiculous to be in the Paratroops than in the Infantry so we volunteered for jump training. We don’t like it, however, particularly since we hear it is possible now to get into deep-sea diving, which is a lot closer to the water (and our hearts) than this is. Maybe our first sergeant was ribbing us when he said we could transfer to deep-sea diving, but we’re overlooking no bets. What’s the deal?

—Pvt. L. Antonelli and Pvt. J. Geraci

—On Maneuvers

—Your first sergeant was probably kidding you, all right, but as a matter of fact there does happen to be an Engineer Diving and Salvage School at Fort Screvens, Ga. However, only men from the Army Service Forces can apply, and that lets you paratroopers out. Even those in the ASF who want to transfer should note that the school is very small, making it hard for them to enroll. Applicants must meet physical requirements prescribed by AR 40-100 and must be approved by the Surgeon General before being assigned to the course. They should have attained a minimum of 90 in the AGCT and 90 in the mechanical-aptitude test. Incidentally, GI deep-sea divers may make $10 to $20 extra per month, depending upon their rating.

deep-sea diving

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