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The other night we were discussing what happens to an MP who lets a prisoner—a GI who went AWOL and was caught, for example—escape while under his escort. One of the fellows says nothing happens, but I thought that the Army always made the MP serve the sentence of the man he lets escape. Isn’t that so?

—Cpl Joseph Yates

—Anzio Beachhead

—No. That is one of the Old Army rumors that never seem to die. However, if a soldier guarding a prisoner lets him escape, either by neglect or intention, he is subject to court martial under the 73d Article of War. A guard who lets his prisoner escape through neglect can be sentenced to six months in prison, plus a loss of two-thirds of his pay for the same period. If the guard deliberately lets his prisoner get away, he can be given a dishonorable discharge and be sentenced to one year in prison.

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