WITH THE FIFTH ARMY IN ITALY—On a tree in Naples, Cpl. Clyde L. Hardin of a Field Artillery outfit found the name and address of Pvt. Judy Brooks of the WAC, carved in deeply by some earlier passer-by.

Like any sensible GI, Hardin jotted it down and wrote her a letter. Judy answered from her station in the States, and the correspondence is hot and heavy now.

Since he found he address, Hardin has moved on with his outfit from Naples into the front lines on the road to Rome. Judy, in turn has moved from private to sergeant.

—YANK Field Correspondent

fifth army

Shoulder insignia of the Fifth Army

5th army 1st armored division

Fifth Army, San Benedetto, Italy. M/Sgt Laron E. Golden, Arkadelphia, Ark. Hq., 1st Armored Division, shares his Christmas package with Italian children. Photo by Hartman. 3131 Signal Services Co. San Benedetto, Italy. 11 December 1944

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