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By Peter Lisagor

Stars and Stripes Staff Writer

TWELFTH ARMY GROUP HQ., June 5.–Establishment of prophylactic stations in Germany was not regarded “as any relaxation of non-fraternization rules,” according to this headquarters.

At the same time, according to a survey of the working-out of Gen. Eisenhower’s non-fraternization rule, it was learned that new interpretations of the policy permit GIs to buy certain non-rationed articles in German stores, send out laundry for washing, and “mingle with displaced persons and other Allied nationals inside Germany only at their own risk.” They might even reply civilly to a “Guten Tag” initiated by a German civilian without being considered violators.

A 12th AG official said that American troops fraternizing with DPs should heed the rule “You buy at your own risk”  since many displaced persons had come to Germany of their own free will and were, according to a recent ruling, German, either by race or by sympathy.

To Protect Innocent

Some Allied Nationals have been cleared as anti-Germans, others brought into Germany as employees of the U.S. Army, it was revealed. One spokesman said that “while Gen. Eisenhower’s policy is being effectively followed by troops, there are cases of clandestine fraternizing. For that reason, and for the health of other soldiers thus innocently exposed to diseased men, prophylactic station have been set up.”

Medical opinion followed the precedent established in the States: “The Army strongly advises continence, knowing that some soldiers will by law of averages engage in promiscuous relations with women. Inside Germany, the Army orders non-fraternization. But that law of averages is still at work: hence, pro stations.”

Seeks to Keep Records Secret

Another 12th AG officer, discussing the admissibility of prophylactic and VD records as evidence in non-fraternization courts-martial, revealed that an official decision has been requested prohibiting Medical Department records to Trial Judge Advocate use. Soldiers, then, would not tend to conceal an infection for fear of prosecution.

Meanwhile, it was discovered that no causes were known to have been tried which used as evidence a soldier’s name in a pro station entry book, or his records as a VD patient in a hospital.

Not far from this headquarters in which the wheels of non-fraternization ground slowly albeit surely, GIs on pass idled in the shady park surrounding the famous Wiesbaden Kurhaus with its adjacent hot Sulphur springs.  The park, public property and also used as strolling ground by short-frocked German madchens, was singularly conspicuous for its many cases of strict adherence to the non-fraternization policy. The silent guys looked, looked hard and looked long; but they didn’t touch.wwii american soldiers fraternizing

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