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From the September 25, Edition of Stars and Stripes

WASHINGTON, SEPT. 24, 1944—Maj. Gen. Leonard T. Gerow, commander of the V Corps of the First Army, now fighting in Germany, is in Washington testifying before the Army’s Pearl Harbor investigating board, the War Department revealed.

Gerow, who at the time of the Japanese attack was acting chief of the general staff’s war planning division, will return to his command as soon as his testimony is completed.

Meanwhile, Sen. Homer Ferguson (R-Mich.) said “it is reasonable to expect” a full report in the next two weeks from the Army and Navy boards investigating Pearl Harbor.

Ferguson pointed out that the Army board began its work on July 20 and the Navy board July 17, while the Roberts commission, which first investigated the disaster, completed its report in approximately a month

general gerow

General Leonard T. Gerow. Commander of the US V Corps and Fifteenth Army During WWII


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When the Japanese Bombed the Huertgen Forest: How the Army’s Investigation of Pearl Harbor Influenced the Outcome of the Huertgen Forest, Major General Leonard T. Gerow and His Command of V Corps 1943-1945

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