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Dear YANK:

Practically every man in this Army has witnessed incidents where the armed forces have squandered public funds to no end. One of the more outstanding examples of such squandering is the magnificent naval officers’ club constructed on New Caledonia. This paradise was constructed with Navy labor out of Quonset-type metal buildings which were originally meant for naval warehouses.

The Army also contributed a monument to the taxpayers’ money on New Caledonia. They built a junior Pentagon Building for Army Headquarters which will probably be inherited by the French Government. This building was not needed and was uncalled for, because the Headquarters was previously adequately quartered during the period when the South Pacific was a combat theater. This was constructed in the later part of 1944 after the South Pacific was known as an inactive theater of operations. We were told that the building, which was tremendous and luxurious for an Army headquarters, was constructed from materials found in depot stocks which would have otherwise gone to waste.

If this material was going to waste, someone was responsible, and it is hard to believe that such items as mohair rugs, venetian blinds and flush-type toilets could be found in an overseas depot. It is possible that such antics as those above were carried out on other islands of the Pacific, but I feel there is no room for complaints if the islands were to remain U.S. property after the war.

I say, let the public in on some of the deals they faithfully financed with their war bonds.

—(Name Withheld)

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