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Whoa, Adolf!

Don’t call your horse Adolf Hitler, is the substance of a decree just issued by Gestapo boss Heinrich Himmler and picker up by the BBC. The order refers to a recent practice in Germany of naming domestic animals after Nazi big shots.  Adolf Hitler seems to be the popular choice for horses, though in Bavaria a farmer was arrested for calling his prize ox Hermann Goering.

So They’re Free

Don’t look now, but the Philippines are free. At least that’s what Premier Hideki Tojo told the 81st Imperial Diet in Tokyo, according to Berlin Radio. The Philippines deserve their freedom, said Hon. Tojo, because “they understand the true meaning of the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.” Filipinos please note.wwii cartoon tojo

Hen-House Treason

The revolt against the New Order in Norway has spread to the chicken coup, as indicated by the following story: A Norwegian farmer who owned 30 hens was ordered to deliver their eggs to Gestapo headquarters.  Two weeks later he wrote the Gestapo:  “Your order was posted in the hen-house, so that the hens themselves could see it. When, in spite of this, they refused to lay, I had them shot for sabotage against the Third Reich.”

The Kids Play in Warsaw

In the rubble of Warsaw, when the Gestapo isn’t looking, Polish kids play a new game. They split up into two sides; half of them line up against a wall, and the other half, using sticks for guns, shoot them down. Only trouble is, all the kids want to play on the side getting shot.

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