Dear YANK:

I am the wife of a sergeant who has had the extreme good fortune to be stationed in the United States during the entire course of this war.

As a result, we have been together and have lived, for the most part, as civilians. Therefore, we have had access to—in fact, could hardly avoid—the many articles, advertisements, editorials, ect., on the subject of inflation.  We’re scared to death of it and have cooperated with every Government step which affects us to avoid it.

We were a little taken back when talking to a Combat Infantryman back from Germany to learn that the OPA meant nothing more to him than some Government agency that tried to interfere with people’s personal business transactions.

He, on his part, was floored when we told him we had refused an offer of $1,000 cash for our ’38 Buick sedan. “Why should the OPA need to know anything about it?” says he.

Since then, we’ve had our ears tuned to similar sentiments among other returnees. My husband is stationed where he has frequent contact with veterans of all theaters of operation.

These men, unless old enough to remember what happened after the las war, are in almost complete ignorance of what inflation is and what brings it about.

A great many of these same men have saved a lot of money during the war. Now they want to get rid of it fast. Cars are only the beginning of a long list of expensive and often completely unnecessary purchases.

We read YANK straight though every week. The articles on lie in the U.S.A. are most interesting. Wouldn’t one on inflation fit us there? But truly, we wouldn’t care if you put it with the Sad Sack, just so these GIs see and absorb it.

—A GI Wife – Washington

The danger of inflated post-war prices as seen by some Government officials, was discussed in a recent YANK article called “Preview U.S.A.”

wwii gi post-war inflation homecoming

A GI returns home from WWII.

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