By Pvt. Art Rhodes

SECOND AIR FORCE, COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO.—“Dry mouth” is an “occupational disease” among professional singers that means simply that a thrush, male or female, can’t or shouldn’t open his or her mouth before noon.  But dry mouth is something that no longer bothers Pvt. Leota Lane Pitts, the somewhat chubby blond member of the well-known singing Lane family of stage, screen and radio.

“In the Army,” says Leota, “dry mouth is not recognized.”

Pvt. Pitts—who once shared the limelight with her famous sisters, Priscilla, Rosemary and Lola—explains how she came to join the WAC.wac leota lane lane sisters

“All of us Lane sisters sat down one day and conferred over who was to represent the family in the armed services,” she said. “We figured that, since we came from Indianola, near WAC headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa, at least one of us should be in.

“All the others had commitments; so I got the assignment. I was an inspector on the final assembly line of Lockheed at the time.”

WAC life, she said, was fine, although not quite what she dreamed—“of some day singing with the troops around the world.” She has a busy time, singing with the Second Air Force band, helping the chaplain with his musical programs, aiding in producing community sings, singing for audiences at the USO and other local camps, and broadcasting twice weekly on the post’s radio shows. All this and her GI duties, too.

The tinsel life of Hollywood and the stage is well behind her, and she has only one problem now—a strictly GI one. As she explains it, in civilian life she was able to do push-ups with no great amount of effort; today, no matter how much PT punishment she absorbs, she can’t do a single one.

“I wouldn’t be doing anything else, if it were offered to me,” she says about her job as a WAC.

“Now, if I could only do one push-up—“

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