Dear YANK:

I am in the mood for passing a few comments on the following clipping from a London paper:


American soldiers are losing the art of love, says an anonymous letter from an American nurse to the U.S. Army newspaper Stars and Stripes.

It is because they have had it so easily in Europe with chewing gum and candy bars.

“No wonder we prefer French and British Army personnel who are more subtle,” she remarks.

The letter ended with a warning that when the soldiers get back to the States, they were not going to get the first maid with their candy and chewing gum, because that is about all they have left.—Reuter .wwii gi love-making cartoon

I have known many Yanks, the majority all nice boys. Most of them came straight from the States to our country. I don’t believe any of them ever did have the art of love-making. I was under the impression that the Americans were great lovers; they certainly think they are. But, blimey, they don’t know the first thing about love-making.

Incidentally, sincere Yanks and girls here always saw that the kiddies in the street had the candy and gum. Of course, some of our girls were affable when courted with gum, but they are no different than the gold diggers in every country. I suppose the States do have such girls?

So, nurse, I think you are wrong. In fact, the love-making of the Yanks has always left me wondering what American woman are like to put up with such poor technique!

Of course, there are always the exceptions, and anyhow, boys, you’ve been grand company.

—Lee Glithro


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