By Pvt. R. Friedman – Camp San Luis Obispo, Calif.

In the town near my camp there are 50 soldiers to every girl. Every GI tries to get him a steady girl because if you come to town without anything definite to receive you, you might as well reconcile yourself to walking the streets until the MPs chase you off them.

camp san luis obispo

WWII GIs attend a dance.

I, too, tried to get a girl. For weeks I had no success. For weeks I didn’t even get to say hello to a girl. Then one week end I met someone at a dance. Her name was Agnes.

Agnes and I got along great—so well, in fact, that before the week was up I asked her to be my steady girl.

“Of course,” she said.

I pinched myself for joy. “You really mean it?” I asked.

She smiled sweetly. “Of course, honey.”

“Now that we’re going steady,” I said, “I’ll see you every time I get up here.”

“If you get here first,” she replied.

“You know what it means to be engaged, don’t you?” I said. “It means you and I come above all other boys and girls in each other’s lives.”

She touched my hand gently. “Yes,” she whispered.

The next week end, when I reached town, I phoned Agnes. Her mother said she was at a dance. I went to the dance, and as I was entering I saw Agnes coming out, a soldier on each arm.

“Hey, Agnes!” I called.

“Hello, Sam,” she said.

“The name is Tony,” I corrected.

“Oh, honey,” she laughed going away, “I forget. There are so many of them.”

Love is the sweetest thing.

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