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From Stars and Stripes June 6, 1945 Edition

MANILA, June 5 (ANS) – U.S. infantry battled today with Japanese delaying parties along Highway Five leading into northern Luzon Cagayan Valley, last enemy stronghold in the Philippines.

To the south a smaller pocket of the enemy still resisted bitterly east of Manila, while on Mindanao two U.S. divisions made swift progress.

The 37th Inf. Div. spearheaded the American advance into the valley above Santa Fe, meeting no organized battleline but being harassed from enemy positions on either side of a winding mountain road. Dug-in Japanese tanks, fortified caves, anti-personnel mines and snipers had to be cleaned out.


Soldiers of the 32nd Infantry Division fight Japanese forces in the mountains of Northern Luzon

In central Luzon, units of the 38th captured a hill just east of American-held Wawa dam. But holdout Japanese soldiers fought hard to the southwest. Two centers of enemy resistance on Mindanao were broken in the last three days as the 24th and 31st (Infantry Divisions) drove for a junction above Davao.

Heavy air attacks caused considerable damage to Japanese docks, warehouses and shipping on Formosa. Other U.S. planes hit enemy vessels off Shanghai and Foochow.

Allied planes, including units from the Seventh Fleet, the 13th AF and the RAAF, hit targets around north Borneo’s Brunet Bay. Australian Army forces on Tarakan Island, just to the east have captured a strategic peak after two weeks of hard fighting against stubborn Japanese resistance.

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