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This being in London is almost like being home, especially since so many guys are dazzling the natives with their chesty array of ribbons.

And I mean chesty, considering that American GIs are wearing ribbons simply for being in a “theater of operations” which British soldiers call home. Before I came into the Army I served on cargo ships sailing through submarine waters, and I’d like to know why GIs who are holidaying over here can get ribbons for nothing while veteran seamen now in the Army have nothing to show for the real dangers they risked

—Pvt. Martin Courtney


—Former members of the Merchant Marine now in the armed services are entitled to wear a Special Merchant Marine ribbon. The War Shipping Administration in Washington, D.C., will give this ribbon to qualified GIs if they will send the WSA full particulars of their sea service, including the ships they sailed on, the dates of their service and the areas in which they served.merchant marine

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