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GEORGETOWN, BRITISH GUIANA —U.S. Army MPs in this British colonial town take good care of G.I.s who go out in search of quiet relaxation. They have the habit of stopping soldiers who have had a few drinks and inviting them up to MP headquarters for a friendly prophylactic.

Atkinson Airfield British Guiana

Aerial view of Atkinson Airfield, British Guiana

A private from the Air Force at Waller Field came down here as a roller-skating specialist to entertain the men at Atkinson Field. During his stay he visited Georgetown for a few British rum punches. After the third one he decided to get some air.

He hadn’t gone half a block when an MP stopped him and whipped him off to the station for a pro before he could say, “Antilles Air Task Force.”

The private walked out mopping his brow and walked around the corner into the arms of another MP, who looked him over suspiciously and said, “You betted come with me, Bud.”

“No, thanks,” the private protested. “I just had one.”

But the MP wouldn’t take no for an answer. The visitor had to return to the station for a repeat performance. Then he took to the side streets to get back to his hotel but, sure enough, he was grabbed again under the first street light and hustled back to the prophylactic room for a third time.

“You musta been out in the jungles a long time, remarked a medical department attendant who was beginning to get tired of the whole thing.

“I tried to tell them I was innocent and a family man who wouldn’t think of such a thing,” the private explained. “But they wouldn’t listen to me.”

Finally he had to request an MP escort to protect him from other MPs. Once inside his hotel room, he locked the door, pulled the covers over his head and waited breathlessly for the first morning boat back to Atkinson Field.

b18 bolo bomber british guiana

US Army Air Force B-18 Bolo’s of the 12th Bomb Group fly over British Guiana

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