Watch the Wisecracks Soldier; Those WACs Are MPs

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Watch the Wisecracks Soldier; Those WACs Are MPs

By Cpl. Thomas Finnegan

FORT MCCLELLAN, ALA.—GIs passing through the gates here are careful not to greet the WAC MPs on duty with any wisecracks such as “Hiya Lady, Flatfoot!” The girls carry no sidearms, but the GIs here are aware that they have been chosen for their brawn as well as attractiveness. Six WACs are now on duty and more are to be assigned as gate guards as other vacancies occur.


Left to Right: Pfc. Josephine A. Caruso, Pvt. Leota S. Grivicich, Pvt. Agnes T. Young, Pvt. Helen Nolan, T-5 Marie Rose F. La Brie and Pfc. Vera A Arentoft.

Pvt. Agnes Young is one of the six and no blushing violet. Before joining the WAC she was a riveter in the Bell Aircraft plant in Niagara Falls, N.Y. She also held the Women’s City Gold Championship. Since joining the WAC she has finished runner-up in a WAC bowling tournament, losing by five pins, and is currently the Babe Ruth of the Hornets, league-leading WAC softball club.

“This is really a man’s job,” says Pvt. Young of her assignment as an MP, “And I feel like I’m doing something for the war effort working on the security force protecting Fort McClellan. I don’t think I’ll have trouble with mashers, either. I’m well able to take care of myself and them.”

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