MUNICH AREA BOMBED – 1,200 Forts and Libs Paste Reich Targets; Mediums attack in France.

From the July 13, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes

Boosting the weight of bombs dropped on the area of southern Germany housing the Reich’s fourth largest city more than 6,000 tons in 24 hours, more than 1,200 Fortresses and Liberators yesterday hit communications and other targets around Munich.

For the second successive day the escorted heavies slashed to Munich through cloud and intense flak without encountering a single interceptor on their 1,000-mile-round-trip.

Ninth Air Force warplanes, flying in support of Allied armies in Normandy pounded fuel dumps supplying German panzer forces.

Marauders blasted two fuel dumps and enemy troops south of Caen, while Havocs smashed at gas and oil supplies east of Domfront.

Although there was no Luftwaffe opposition over Germany yesterday 26 bombers were lost, presumably to flak.

normandy munich a20 havoc 416th bomb group

A-20 Havocs from the 416th Bomb Group supports the Allied invasion of Normandy on June , 1944.

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