NELSON-MILITARY ROW MAY GO TO FDR FOR EDICT- WPB Chief’s Plan to Start Civilian Output Heads For a Showdown

From the July 12, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes

WASHINGTON, July 11–WPB Chief Donald M. Nelson’s plans for an immediate start on limited civilian production may have to go to President Roosevelt for a showdown. Nelson failed to get anywhere with his plans yesterday with top military leaders, whose opposition is blocking the program.

The fight reached a new intensity when the heads of the armed forces warned that the proposed relaxation of war-time restrictions could “prolong the war.”

At the same time, chairmen of two Congressional groups–Sens. Harry S. Truman (D.–Mo), head of the Senate Truman committee, and James E. Murray (D.–Mont.), of the small-business committee, strongly supported Nelson’s plans. Truman was critical because the program was not already under way.

Nelson’s program, which was to have begun July 1, envisages gradual reconversion of plants where war work definitely has ceased and in areas where manpower is not needed for war production. He also planned removal of restrictions on aluminum and magnesium to permit manufacture of civilian goods.

donald m nelson Spab WPB military

Henry A. Wallace (left) and Donald M. Nelson (right).

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