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Dear YANK:

Recently there has been much talk about Japanese-Americans. I am a former infantryman of the 133rd Infantry, 34th Division. A year ago attached to us was the 100th Battalion (Jap-Americans), the highest-cited unit in the ETO and MTO.

34th infantry division

Insignia of the 34th Infantry Division

While we fought with them, they were indeed very courageous and skillful in every task they were assigned. During the periods when we were sent to the rear for a two- or three-day rest, we, the 133rd Infantry, would go over to visit them and they did likewise. They treated us like brothers, in fact, we felt like brothers because we were always together. All of us who fought alongside these boys know how brave they were and we held great respect for them—they more than deserved it. On one particular assignment, which was a suicide assignment, they all volunteered knowing that they might not return. Still, they went ahead. They lost twice as many men as the number they rescued from a death trap. For their gallantry, they were cited by the President. For other achievements, many have earned the Bronze Star, Silver Star and other medals of honor.

Now in return, what do they receive from the American people back home? A kick in the pants and many other rash treatments. What’s come over the American people? Do they want Nazism in the States? They certainly are looking for it! If this situation were for the combat men to decide, they would see to it that these boys got a square deal for they know of their accomplishments here, in France, Italy and Germany.

—Pvt. Ray E. Dintini, Italy

100th Battalion italy

Soldiers of the 100th Infantry Battalion (Nisei) in Italy

100th battalion italy

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