Dear YANK:

In the past few months I have seen a couple of articles concerning girls who are now smoking pipes. Maybe I am old fashioned but I do think that this is no doubt the most disgusting bit of news I have read since this war began….I have seen pictures of college girls in papers with corncob pipes hanging from their mouths. They seemed to be proud of the fact too, because they had their names printed under the picture. I think it is bad enough to see young squirts of the female species smoking cigarettes but when they stick a stinking old pipe in their mouths, well I for one think that is going too damn far. If I ever catch any women connected to me in any way—wife, sister or other-wise—smoking a pipe, I think it would be hard to keep from driving the stinking thing down her damn throat…

Pfc. John Voorhees Jr.


wwii pipe smoking cartoon

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