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By Pvt. Oris Turner

Pvt. Oris Turner, 39168771,

APO 000, c/o Postmaster,

San Francisco, Calif.


Dear sir:

Re: [Creditor’s name]–$14.80

You have had an opportunity to settle this claim without trouble or expense, but it seems you will not settle until forced to do so. You failed even to reply to our recent letter.

Therefore, unless immediate arrangements are made for settlement, we will have no alternative but to instruct our attorneys to file a complaint against you and have you summoned to appear at the time of trial. An officer of the court will also be empowered to seize your goods, attach you earnings, automobile, bank account, or any other funds or property that may belong to you or be due you.

You would be wise to make settlement, ect., ect.


[Name of Collection Agency.]

New Guinea,  Jan. 26, 1943

Dear sirs:                                                                                                                                                                                          


Your letter of 11/19/42 was duly rec’d today and after reading the contents therein I am pleased to note that I will be summoned to appear in court to make payment due you in $14.30 plus interest and costs.

Gentlemen, the opportunities your letter presents are beyond my wildest dreams.

I believe by law the court is required to send a process server to deliver the summons in person. In that case I will inform you of certain essentials he will require for jungle travel.

The first item advisable is a self-inflating life raft, as ships even convoys are sometimes sunk. The raft will also be useful later in crossing rivers and swamps in New Guinea. He should also bring the following items: Mosquito bars, head net, pith helmet, quinine, salt tablets, vitamin pills, mosquito and sunburn lotions, medical supplies for tropical infections, poisonous snakes, spiders, steel helmet, gas mask, waterproof tent, heavy caliber rifle for shooting Japs, crocodiles and other game, machete, chlorine capsules, flashlight, and soap.

In choosing this process server make sure that he is not an alcoholic, as there isn’t a drink to be found on the whole island. Furthermore, he must not be allergic to mosquitoes, heat rash, malaria, dengue fever, snakes, spiders, lizards, flies, crocodiles and tall grass with a few head hunters in it. These are trivial matters and he may never come in contact with any of them, especially if his convoy is attacked by the enemy’s battle fleet.

I am telling you all this as I am much concerned over his safe arrival. If he reaches this location our meeting will be much more impressive than Stanley and Livingstone’s.  I will see that the best possible care is taken of him on arrival. As soon as he has recovered from his jungle trip we will be on our way back to civilization and the law court. I trust he is already on his way, and I am packing my barracks bags to avoid any waste of time.

Here’s hoping that this letter finds you in the best of health.

Respectfully yours,

Pvt. Oris Turner

oris turner new guinea wwii

Sgt. Carl Weinke and Pfc. Ernest Marjoram wade through a stream in New Guinea


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