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Those Last 10 Kilometers

When the Red Army broke the siege of Leningrad the German Underground Radio reminded Hitler that as a judge of distance he was a good paperhanger. On Nov. 8, 1941, while addressing party henchmen at Munich, the Underground needled, der Fuehrer said, “Leningrad is surrounded and no one will free it again. Besides, whoever has advanced from the East Prussian border to within 10 kilometers before Leningrad can also march those last 10 kilometers into the city.”

They Don’t Know From Nothing!

Explaining the complexities of Soviet strategy to the confused German people is tough on Nazi news commentators. Witness the following broadcast from Berlin:  “What are these crazy Russians trying to do? First they advance from one place, then they advance from another. Do they know where they are going? How can they, when all the world knows Russians have no knowledge of geography, And yet, in spite of their ignorance, they keep on advancing.”

Shrinking German Minorities

The latest joke making the rounds in Nazi-occupied Prague, says the Free Czech Government Journal in London, concerns a memorandum by Reich foreign minister von Ribbentrop to the League of Nations in Geneva, in which he protests “the Russian persecution of German minorities between the Volga and the Don.”

We Wonder Why

The Nazis have a new theme song to close their official news broadcasts, says Reuters. It used to be “Deutschland Uber Alles”, now it’s Chopin’s “Funeral March.”

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