RUSSIANS CRUSH DNIESTER ATTACK – Moscow Reports Artillery Smashes 60 of 100 Tanks Assaulting Bridgehead

From the May 13, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes

Heavy German losses in a large-scale tank and infantry assault against the Soviet bridgehead on the west bank of the lower Dniester were reported in Moscow yesterday. Front-line dispatches said Soviet artillery smashed 60 out of 100 tanks making a mass attack.

In the face of Moscow reports that massed batteries broke wave after wave of panzers and infantry, the Germans put out counter-claims, the official German news agency even reporting the bridgehead at Grigoriopol, 30 miles northwest of Tiraspol, had been wiped out. The German high command claimed seven Soviet divisions had been routed and 2,600 prisoners taken.

Moscow dispatches saw the attack as an attempt to disrupt Soviet groupings for a Russian offensive into Rumania.

The Germans, maintaining that some of their forces were still in the Crimea west of Sevastopol, began to prepare their people for news of its loss by announcing the peninsula’s evacuation “is nearing its conclusion.”

soviet red army moscow

Soviet tanks and infantry advance toward Lviv.

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