GI SHOP TALK – Spiders, Pilot Training, Shoes, Portable Hospital

From YANK Magazine

A deadly black widow spider is kept at the Army’s precision instrument shop at Columbus, Ohio, to spin its web for the hair sights used in surveying instruments…Training aids: archery at Kirtland Field Advanced Flying School, Albuquerque, N. Mex., to teach pilots judgement, timing and accuracy; skiing for sailors at Farragut Training Station, Idaho, “as a great help in physical welfare.”…Shoe rationing applies to dogfaces but they are not required to have ration books. Dress shoes may be purchased at stores or the PX by means of certificates obtainable from the CO…The QM depot at Columbus, Ohio, performs the miracle of assembling and shipping equipment for a 1,000-bed hospital, including operating tables, refrigerators and power plants, in 24 hours. The shipment fills 40 freight cars.

wwii army hospital

View of the US Army’s 50th General Field Hospital.

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