From the July 11, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes

With a bomb group represented by Chaplain Clarence R. Comfort Jr. sending in £100 to complete the sponsorship of its sixth youngster, The Stars and Stripes War Orphan Fund last week went up to  £62.392 4s. 8d.

Meantime, a strategic-air-depot group, of which Horace L. Fenton is chaplain, joined in sponsoring a fourth child, while Detachment A of a service group sent in money for a third orphan.

Chaplain Richard I. Sturgis’ tactical air depot group mailed in £20 for a boy and girl. Other contributions came from the Southern Base Section, an ordnance headquarters and an Army group headquarters.

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Children from Bristol arrive in Devon, UK after being evacuated from the Nazi Blitz.

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