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While reading the latest poop on our staggering national debt and the tax measures that will be necessary to pay it off, it struck me that the guys who fight this war shouldn’t have to pay for it too. So how about a lifetime income-tax exemption for combat veterans environs $1,000 per annum for infantry and $500 for FA, medics, engineers and the rest?

I have seen the unimaginable suffering of the dogfaces and feel that the nation should make some effort to discharge the invaluable debt it owes them. All out, the magazines at home now admit that the infantry works hard and Uncle Sam kicks in that dandy $10 bonus, but ask a tanker or a TD man or anyone who operates up front whether he’s willing to shoulder a part of the doughface’s income tax. You’re damn right he is, and so should be the rear-echelon men and the fellows who are dragging down the heavy lettuce back in America.

That guy in the hole has taken his whipping without whining. Half the time he doesn’t realize what a raw deal he gets on rations, clothing, movies and the like. This is not a plan, merely an idea. But if there are other guys around who feel as I do—a moral obligation to attempt in some way to equalize the burden of this war that none of us asked for—then it or some similar idea can be elaborated into a plan and the plan affected.

Pfc. Robert B. Dowds, Medics


wwii infantry GI normandy

Two Infantrymen share a foxhole in Normandy

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