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AACHEN, GERMANY—Aachen, the first large German city occupied by our forces, is also the first to have its own newspaper reopened under German management. The new boss of the Aachener Naachrichten  is a man in his 60s who voluntarily retired on a pension when the Nazis came to power. Until 1933, he was foreman of the newspaper plant’s composing room and chairman of the printers’ union

When Psychological Warfare started looking for a suitable man to run the paper, the old owner and publisher offered to take the job, but his record had a bad Nazi smell to it. PWD officials decided that the ex-foreman’s “active devotion to democratic ideals” more than made up for his lack of editorial experience.

Ousting of the old owner in favor of the foreman was a rude shock to Aacheners who had doubted that the Americans meant business when they said they would kick out all Nazis, but the paper’s circulation of 300,000 indicates its popularity now. The weekly four-page issue dated May 16 featured a two-column photograph of Gen. Jodl signing the German capitulation.

general jodl surrender germany aachen

General Jodl signs the document of surrender to the Allies

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