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…Every now and then someone lampoons advertising. In the Feb. 25 issue of YANK T-4 Ross Donaldson marshalled his hyperboles and joined the battle. He did so with some justification. But his writing for the most part was rooted in the well-developed pastime of blowing off.

To say that all advertising is good or represents the whole truth is false. To say that all advertising has simonized the grimy side of war is also false and that I’m afraid is the impression Sgt. Donaldson’s letter left with a lot of people. There are quacks in advertising as there are in any service, trade or profession. Advertising men know it, and they know too that their service is young, that it was born with mass production and modern industry. They’re changing the diapers as quickly as possible but bawling and kicking make it pretty hard to accomplish.

America will have 55 million people for jobs after the war. A lot of manufacturing and selling will have to be done to employ that many people. Products need a market. They don’t spring up like Old Faithful. They’re created chiefly by advertising reputable goods.

-Pfc. Dan Rawless


wwii advertising

WWII Nestle Chocolate ad

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