Dear YANK:

The worst has happened. No longer are the EM one big happy family. We have been divided into two categories—low-pointers and high-pointers. At this repple depple, we low-pointers are looked on as so much dirt. Those with high points remain aloof and don’t want anything to do with us.

I know a lot of points have been built up by men having families and battle stars (both the easy way and the line way) and for meritorious-service Bronze Star medals. But what the hell, whether high or low—we were all put in our respective places to help win the war. Some were fortunate and others got the so-called raw deal.

What I would like to see is more consideration for low-point men. After all, our sweating is just beginning. We are the ones left over here to finish the occupation job. You high-pointers had our sympathy and applause while we were training in the States. What say we turn the tables now? Let’s not have a two-way split like the officers; you know—second lieutenants and officers.

—(Name Withheld)


WWII VJ day high points

Jubilant crowds celebrate VJ Day.

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