At the request of several overseas soldiers, YANK asked the Parent Chapter of the Brush-Off Club in India if it had any objections to extending its charter to other Army outfits. A story of the Brush-Off Club appeared in a January issue of YANK. For some reason most of the requests for a charter have come from England.

Anyway, the Mother India Chapter says go right ahead and organize if you’ve got enough weeping willows to make it profitable. YANK produces here the Mother India Chapter’s original entry blank for applicants.

As you remember, the Brush-Off Club is for U.S. soldiers whose gals have thrown them over since they got in the Army. Every man who was jilted in favor of a civilian is automatically a vice president. Admission is a broken heart. Requirements for membership:

(1) She has married somebody else.

(2) She casually mentions dates with other guys now and doesn’t start out “Dearest Darling” any more.

(3) Your folks have reported seeing her out with other Joes.

(4) She is engaged or “practically engaged” to somebody else.

Besides the above active membership, there is a “Pending or Prospective Membership”, commonly called the “Just Sweating Member.” He doesn’t know where the hell he stands but the mail doesn’t bring in sugar reports any longer.

Duties of members are to sympathize with one another and to sweat with sweating members. Every member or sweating member must attend a weekly meeting to initiate new followers, offer his shoulder for crying purposes. A ritual is read at each meeting, lamenting the departed lovelies and bolstering the courage of the surviving lonely hearts.

All members are eligible for membership in the Good Hunting Caucus Committee, which shall convene as often as two or three men can get leave or pass anywhere any females are in evidence.

Club officers, who may be nominated at any time by any Good Hunting Caucus which has met during the previous week, shall be considered for election at any meeting at which they are proposed and, if they can muster a two-thirds vote, will then and there depose the officers then incumbent. That keeps things moving.

Usually the guy with the biggest crying towel is the president. Other officers are vice presidents (as explained above); chief crier (who reads the ritual at meetings); chief sweating officer (who sympathizes with sweating members); corresponding secretary (who keeps track of new telephone numbers and exchanges them among members). There are no dues. The vice presidents act as committee to approve or blackball applicants for membership.

Start a chapter of your own with this sample membership blank. Don’t send it to YANK. We’ve go enough troubles of our own.

brush-off club

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