5th Army Advances in Italy Newsreel Footage

United News footage of the American 5th Army on the Italian Front. The newsreel features General Dwight Eisenhower and General Mark Clark as they oversee American artillery firing on German positions.  The footage also shows American soldiers liberating an Italian town and interacting with the local civilians. The Germans were forced to abandon the town in the face of the Allied advance up the boot of Italy.

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One thought on “5th Army Advances in Italy Newsreel Footage

  • Peter Kubicek says:

    When the notorious Nazi concentration camp Buchenwald was liberated, the news reached Gen. Eisenhower and he wanted to see it for himself. Eisenhower was always surrounded by photographers and told them, “Take all the pictures you can because some day some son-of-a -bitch will say that this never happened.”
    How prescient he was. Holocaust-deniers thrive in the shadows of the Internet, as well as on YouTube. Just look up Pastor Steven Anderson on YouTube.

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