5th Army and the Liberation of Rome

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5th Army and the Liberation of Rome

After landing on the bloody beaches of Salerno, battling across the mountainous Winter Line and enduring the costly stalemates at Monte Cassino and Anzio, the 5th Army was poised to cut off the retreating German 10th Army.
On May 25, 1944, General Mark W. Clark, Commanding General of the 5th Army, ordered the American VI Corps to head to Rome against the orders of his superior, General Harold Alexander.
On June 4, 1944, Rome was liberated by the American Army.  Clark had the glory he sought but allowed the Germans to escape north of the Italian capital.
Two days later, the Allies under General Dwight Eisenhower landed on the beaches of Normandy. Stealing the headlines from the Liberation of Rome.
The war in Italy would continue for almost another year, but would be relegated as a second front to the war in northwest Europe.

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