The Air Force Story chronicles the USAAF’s contribution to the Italian Front from the beaches of Salerno to the Liberation of Rome.

From September 1943 to June 1944, the Allies fought a brutal campaign up the Italian boot towards the Eternal City. Faced with tenacious German opposition and hampered by steep mountains, swift flowing rivers, freezing winter temperatures and mud, the Allied drive was long and costly.

Supporting the Allied armies were the U.S. 12th and 15th Air Forces. The 12th Air Force had previously seen action during the North African campaign before joining the fight in Italy alongside the 15th.

Airmen of the 12th Air Force flew tactical missions, providing close air support to Allied ground troops and attacking enemy lines of transportation and communication, while the heavy bombers of the 15th Air Force concentrated on strategic targets such as factories, oil refineries and other war-making facilities.

The Air Force Story is full of excellent wartime footage, from strafing German trucks, trains and airfields to the controversial bombing of Monte Cassino, albeit with a small dose of wartime propaganda thrown in to lift morale on the Homefront.

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  • Bill Getz says:

    The role of Italy during WWII is not one widely known today. The immediate post-war period where many escaping Nazi war criminals, by the thousands, escaped to South America, usually Argentina, from Rome via the Port of Genoa aided and abetted by senior members of the Catholic Church and the International Red Cross among others.

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