Double Eagles a novel by Bill Getz

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Double Eagles

What happens when a captured German prince and an American pilot have so much in common they could almost be the same person? What insight can a doppelganger in a high position get into the secrets of the Third Reich? What confusion can he cause with false information before the invasion of Normandy?

Set at the height of WWII, Double Eagles is a spy novel that answers these question and more. Filled with intrigue, romance and plenty of action, Bill Getz keeps you guessing as he skillfully guides you through the twists and turns of espionage in war torn Europe.

Unlike recent WWII novelists, Bill Getz experienced the war firsthand, piloting a B-24 Liberator and P-51 Mustang in combat with the 8th Air Force in Europe. His personal experiences add realism to the dialogue and technical detail of Double Eagles that will make it an especially interesting novel for WWII enthusiasts.

Bill Getz’s Double Eagles can be ordered along with his other books on starting from just .89 cents for an E-book or $13.99 for a paperback.

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Double Eagles

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