The story of the Bloody 100th Bomb Group, by one who was there

A Wing and a Prayer is the story of the 8th Air Force’s 100th Bomb Group. It was written by Harry Crosby, an original member of the 100th who rose to become its Group Navigator and was chosen by General Curtis Lemay as one of the 32 outstanding officers in the Air Force. The 100th Bomb Group was infamously nicknamed the “Bloody 100th” for its catastrophic losses of planes and aircrew in October 1943 on bombing missions to Bremen, Munster, Marienburg and Schweinfurt. A Wing and a Prayer chronicles the group from its wild beginning with devil may care pilots to a finely tuned weapon of war.

100th bomb group

Group Navigator Harry Crosby

Harry Crosby stayed with the 100th Bomb Group from the beginning to the end, witnessing all its tragedies and triumphs. He writes in great detail about the daily inner workings of a bomb group including the planning and organization that goes into fighting a war and shares precious firsthand knowledge about the problems faced by navigators, different from most accounts of air war, usually written by pilots. Harry Crosby give gripping accounts of his combat missions with the 100th Bomb Group, flown at the height of the 8th Air Force’s struggle for the skies of Europe and gives the reader invaluable insight into what England, romance and working with the high command were like during the WWII. Crosby also includes interesting stories about his encounters with the Russians on shuttle missions to the Soviet Union.

Praised by veterans, historians and enthusiasts, A Wing and a Prayer is a must read for any fan of the 8th Air Force or anyone interested in World War Two history. As noted 8th Air Force Historian Roger A. Freeman states: “Harry Crosby was one of the legends of the legendary ‘Bloody Hundredth’”.

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