150 Lost WWII Aircraft Found in the Pacific

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A B-25 Mitchell stands vigil on the ocean floor.

150 Lost WWII Aircraft Found:

A treasure trove of over 150 WWII US aircraft have been found 130 feet underwater in the Marshall Islands.

Brandi Mueller of Cameron, Wisconsin discovered the wrecks while diving off the island of Roi-Namur. She took a series of beautiful photographs documenting the planes resting there that include carrier based aircraft such as TBM Avengers, F4U Corsairs, SB2C Helldivers, F4F Wildcats, SBD Dauntless as well as land based planes like B-25 Mitchells and C-46 Commandos.

Most of the aircraft were dumped there by the US Navy who deemed them unnecessary once the war had ended.


An F4U Corsair rests upright on its propeller.


Fish swim inside the cockpit of one of the lost planes


The remains of two SBD Dauntless peacefully rest where they were dumped into the ocean over 70 years ago.

More photos and information can be found at: http://www.mediadrumworld.com/index.php

photos via Brandi Mueller and Media Drum World

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