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The “Yankee Lady” a B-17G owned by the Yankee Air Museum of Van Buren Township, Michigan has suffered engine problems and will be cancelling its stop at the Muskegon County Airport on July 23.

“Terrible news for you being sent this morning with deep regrets,” wrote Dave Callanan, director of Public Relations for the “Yankee Lady”, in an email.


The B-17G “Yankee Lady” in flight (Photo: Yankee Air Museum)

“The work is already underway, but unfortunately the new engine will not be installed and checked out before our planned visit to Muskegon on July 23.  We are very sorry.”

The problem was with a cylinder in the B-17’s Number One engine, the first engine on the left side of the aircraft.

After removing the cylinder, maintenance crews found metal fragments had damaged the entire engine.

Fortunately, the museum has a spare engine that will keep the “Yankee Lady” flying but it “take a herculean effort over the next several days to get the engines swapped out.”

Callanan reported that the museum is planning on getting the new engine installed by July 24.

The “Yankee Lady”, B-17G–110–VE, serial number 44-85829, was built by the Vega Division of Lockheed Aircraft Corporation of Burbank, CA. It was delivered to the US Army Air Force on July 16, 1945. Arriving too late to see combat in WW2, the B-17G served with the U.S. Coast guard until it was sold off for civilian use. In 1986, it was purchased by the Yankee Air Museum who restored it to its WWII configuration and named it the “Yankee Lady”.

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