Concentration Camp Survivor and Liberator Reunite

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Concentration Camp Survivor and Liberator Reunite

Last week, during a Holocaust remembrance ceremony, Colorado veteran Sid Shafner was reunited with a Holocaust survivor he liberated from a concentration camp over seventy years ago.

concentration camp

Sid Shafner (left) and Marcel Levy during their emotional reunion. Photo via Shahar Azran/FIDF

During an emotional eight day trip to Israel and Poland sponsored by the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, Shafner now 94, was reunited with Marcel Levy, 90. Their last meeting was over twenty years ago.

concentration camp

American soldiers of the 45th Infantry Division guarding SS camp guards at Dachau

The two had first met in April 1945, when Shafner and his fellow members of the US Army’s 42nd Infantry Division, were stopped by 19 year old Marcel Levy, an inmate of Dachau. Speaking to Shafner in Yiddish, Levy told the Americans to come and help the survivors of the concentration camp.

“Sid is crying tears of joy,” reported Peter Weintraub, President of Friends of the Israel Defense Forces. “We have done this trip several times but never have we reunited survivors and liberators.”

“Everything I have today, all of my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, is due to you, Sid,” Levy told Shafner during the emotional reunion.

concentration camp

Female inmates at Dachau smile for the cameras after being liberated

concentration camp

Prisoners of Dachau cheer their American liberators

The Dachau Concentration Camp and its nearly 100 sub-camps were run by the Nazi’s from 1933 until the end of April 1945, with the main facility being liberated on April 29. At the time of liberation, the Americans freed some 30,000 sick and starving prisoners.

The trip was part of the Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces “From Holocaust to Independence” delegation which traveled to Poland and Israel.

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  • Peter Kubicek says:

    After I was liberated by the American Army in Schwerin — a town in northern Germany, I met an American soldier who told me that he came from New York City. “You come from New York,”
    I said to him. “My father lives in New York — please write to him.” He looked at me with disbelief. He did not write to my father, but to his sister who lived the borough of Bronx. After she received the letter from her brother, she looked up my father, Andrew Kubicek, in the telephone directory and phoned him. The was the fist time my father heard about me in years.

    1. admin says:

      Really amazing story. Thanks so much for sharing it!

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