Headstone of WWII Veteran Found at a Mobile Home Park

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Headstone of WWII Veteran Found at a Mobile Home Park

The headstone of a WWII US Army Private was recently uncovered at a mobile home park in Magnolia Springs, Alabama.

The owners of the park, Rick and Sheila Borders found the headstone buried in Magnolia Springs’ orange clay when they removed an old trailer from their property.


The headstone of Milford Allen found at Rick and Sheila Borders mobile home park in Magnolia Springs, AL (photo: WKRG -5 Alabama)

“It was deep,” said Rick Borders, “almost flush with the dirt. Rain has filled it in but you can still see the imprint.”

Upon finding the headstone, the couple initially thought they had stumbled on the soldier’s grave.  “I thought we might be on a cemetery,” continued Rick Borders.

The granite grave marker gives the veteran’s name, unit and dates of birth and death, but little else has been found about the soldier. Searches of local military records, marriage licenses, death certificates and social media have shed little information on the life and death of Private Milford Allen.

“I posted a photo of the stone and then kind of told the story that we had found it under a mobile home,” recalled Shelia Borders. “We just want it back where it belongs,” says Shelia, “to be honored.”

Rick and Sheila will continue working to clear their mobile home park. “I just hope we don’t find no more under the rest of these trailers.”

The re-discovered headstone now rests under an old oak tree at the Borders home, where the couple plans to take care of it until it can be returned to its proper place.

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