Love Letters of Veteran’s Romance Found

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Love Letters of Veteran’s Romance Found

When Zac and Shannon Carter bought a house in Pensacola, Florida last month they didn’t expect it to come with a surprise. While a home inspector was looking over the 1970’s home, he came across a stack of old letters in the cabinets. The Carter’s read the letters and found they revealed the love story of the previous owners.

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William Middleton, known as Bud, had written the letters to a woman named Doreen. The letters date from 1948 to 1949 when Bud was in school on the GI bill after having come back from World War Two. The girl, named Doreen, was a Canadian pen pal of one of Bud’s friends in Georgia. Bud and Doreen met when she came to Georgia to visit her pen pal and the two fell in love. In his letters, Bud writes of his love for her and how he wants to marry her and have her live with him.

The two eventually married, moved to Pensacola and had kids. The cherished love letters Bud wrote were saved and kept in a safe place, only to be discovered after both Bud and Doreen passed away and their house was sold. The Carters, who got the letters with the house, felt that Bud and Doreen’s children would want them and were able to track down one of the Middleton’s sons and return the letters to him.

The Carter’s would like to find the letters Doreen wrote to Bud, and hope the old house has more hidden secrets to give up.

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