Magdalena Leones – WWII Silver Star Winner Dies at 95

Magdalena Estoista Leones, winner of the Silver Star for bravery against the enemy has died at age 95.

silver star

Magdalena Leones

Leones, an intelligence operative and Corporal with the Philippine Guerillas, won the award for secretly transporting intelligence, radio parts and medical supplies through enemy lines from February 25 to September 1944, at great personal risk to herself.

In 1969, she moved to California where she worked as a clerk at Pacific Bell, keeping most of her dangerous wartime exploits a secret.

She passed away on June 16, 2016. A Memorial service will be held at Duggans Serra Mortuary in Daly City on June 25, 2016.

Leones’ Silver Star Citation reads:



(General Orders No. 88 Hq XIV Corps, dated 22 October 1945)

Corporal Magdalena Leones,

Special Agent, USAFIP, North Luzon

For gallantry in action at Luzon, Philippine Islands, from 27 February to 26 September 1944. During the period cited, Corporal Leones repeatedly risked her life to carry important intelligence data, vital radio parts and medical supplies through heavily garrisoned enemy-held territory. Although she knew that detection by the enemy would result in torture and execution, Corporal Leones fearlessly continued her perilous missions between guerrilla forces throughout Luzon with notable success. Through her intrepidity and skill as a special agent, Corporal Leones contributed materially to the early liberation of the Philippines.

Signed, Lt. General O.W. Griswold, US Army, Commanding

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