The family of WWII veteran Louis Read was stunned on Tuesday morning to find his uniforms and medals stolen.

Louis Read was a veteran of the 31st Infantry Regiment. He fought against the Japanese in the early campaign in the Philippines and survived 3 years as a prisoner of war. Read was well-known in the Fort Worth area, he attended many veteran events and served as the Grand Marshall for local parades. Louis Read passed away in 2011.


Photos and memorabilia of Louis Read (photo: WFAA)

Read’s daughter, Phyllis Wood, said the items were in a family storage shed in back of the home she is currently renting near Camp Bowie Boulevard.

“Some of his stuff I’ve kept in the house, but his uniform with the medals on them, as well as some other uniforms of his, those were all in the storage unit out back,” said Wood.

On Tuesday, Wood arrived home to find the storage shed ripped open with a crowbar.

“We are a military family, and this just hurts,” she says. “When I look at his uniform, or touch it, it reminds me of him.  When it was stolen today, it was like he died again.”


Soldiers from the 31st Infantry Regiment in the Philippines on training maneuvers before WWII

Wood’s son, who served as a Marine sniper in Afghanistan, was inspired to join the military because of his grandfather’s WWII service.

Wood said that if the uniform reappeared on her front porch, she won’t ask any questions.  She just wants it returned.

“I don’t want to prosecute anybody.  I want to forgive you,” said Wood.

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