WWII Bomb Found in Home But Owners Didn’t Want to Wake Neighbors

While cleaning out his cellar, Stephen Sin, 44 found an unexploded WWII bomb in his London, UK home.

Sin alerted his wife, Janice Hardy about the bomb but the couple decided it was too late at night to alert authorities. Realizing it would cause a commotion and they “didn’t want to wake the neighbors”.


Google view of the neighborhood were the bomb was found

Ms. Hardy had recently read a story about a similar incident that brought the neighborhood to a “stand still”.

So the couple decided to move the bomb into their garden and wait until the following afternoon to call the police.

Janice Hardy told the Croydon Guardian that: “To us it didn’t seem like it was going to blow up any moment now because it hadn’t blown up the whole time we have been here.

“We thought rather than wake up all our neighbors and get them all standing on the street in the dark we decided we would leave it to the morning and work out who to ring and what we are going to do.

“But it turned out all alright in the end.”

Stephen Sin added that although he was calm when he discovered the ordnance, it was “not your typical day”.

It is unknown how long the explosive had been in the home, but it is believed it had been sitting in the couple’s basement for the entire 15 years they lived there.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police Service confirmed officers were called to the home. Adding that it took two hours to remove the bomb from the garden and saying the bomb was not believed to have posed a threat.

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