Live WWII Hand Grenade Found at Home in Berkeley, California

On Tuesday, a WWII hand grenade was discovered in a planter box at a residence in Berkeley, CA.

wwii hand grenade

Photo: Berkeley Police Department

After receiving a 911 call, officers of the Berkeley Police Department were dispatched to a home in the 1200 block of Spruce Street and were confronted with a WWII-era French military, training grenade. The WWII hand grenade was wrapped in clear plastic and had been dug up during renovation work on the property. It was identified through stamps and markings visible on the metal body.

Even though the grenade was decades old, it was still capable of causing severe injury. An EOD team was called in and the grenade was safely disposed of.

Discoveries of old explosives are not too uncommon reports the BPD. “We average a few of these a year – not always a grenade but some form of ordinance that may have come home from war,” stated Sergeant Andrew Frankel, spokesman for the Berkeley Police Department. “These items were kept as souvenirs by someone’s family member and often forgotten until that family member has passed.”

This discovery comes in the wake of an August 2015 bomb scare when someone reported a grenade in the parking lot of a BART train station in North Berkeley. Fortunately, that grenade turned out to be a toy.

Police are quick to advise the community that old explosives are extremely dangerous. If anyone sees anything that might be hazardous, they should leave the object in place and immediately notify their local police department.

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