WWII Rockets found at bus stop in England

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WWII Rockets found at bus stop in England

Responding to a call on Epping Road in Coopersale, Essex, Police found a box of what turned out to be six World War Two era artifacts. Though rusty, experts determined them to be anti-tank rockets. Unfortunately, the police discovered the rockets were live and a bomb squad was called to take care of them. The police are still looking into who and why the artifacts were left there, but as of now it remains a mystery. The police are asking for the public’s help to find out who left them and whether there might be more.


WWII Rockets found at a bus stop in England

This most recent scare comes after a charity shop in Southwark, London had to be evacuated after someone was charitable enough to donate a live hand grenade in a bag full of other nostalgic knick-knacks.

The area around the store was cordoned off and police removed the hand grenade from the premises precluding money from its sale to help the needy.

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