WWII Veteran Set to Marry his Teenage Sweetheart 70 Years Later:

Roy Vickerman, of Hartshill, Staffordshire, first met Nora Jackson in the 1940’s while attending school. The two dated and after Vickerman proposed, they decided to get married, but WWII interrupted their plans and Vickerman, then 18, went into the Army. While fighting against Nazi Germany, Vickerman was shot by a sniper. When he returned home he was a changed man.


Roy Vickerman and Nora Jackson, together again after 70 years

“I had what they now call post-traumatic stress,” Vickerman said, “I had been abroad and I was wounded. I just went to pieces. So I called the engagement off, which I regret deeply”.


Wartime photo of the couple

In 1946, the couple split ways. They each married a different person and started their own families. But for decades, Vickerman held on to a picture of Nora as well as their engagement ring.

“Occasionally I wondered how she was, but I never did anything about it,” recalled Vickerman.

One day, Vickerman called a local radio station and shared his story. The producers at DJ Graham Torrington’s Late Night Love show, a BBC program, decided to find Nora Jackson and bring the couple back in touch.

The show’s producer, Andy Swift, devised a plan for Vickerman to drop off flowers at Nora’s house and apologize for their breakup.

“I came down in a taxi, and knocked on the door, and Nora came to the door,” Vickerman said. “And she said, ‘I thought I’d never see you again, what a beautiful surprise.’ And she put her arms around me and gave me a lovely kiss and she said, ‘Hold me.’ And it was very touching. I really didn’t think I was going to get that treatment. I thought I was going to get a black eye!”

Roy Vickerman and Nora recalled their past love and talked for hours, before Vickerman realized he forgot to tell the waiting taxi to leave. As they talked, they realized that while they both had happy marriages, each of their spouses had since passed away. Nora was widowed 12 years earlier, and Vickerman lost his wife in 2012.

After their first meeting, the two made plans to see each other again.

“Four days later, I came down again,” said Vickerman. “Four days became three days, three days became two days, two days became one day, and now I see her every day. We have dinner together every night. We still love one another just like we did before.”

Nora was also grateful to have Roy Vickerman back in her life. “It was just lovely. It was wonderful,” she said. “We were so delighted to see each other. It’s a real love story.”

Last month, on his 90th birthday, Vickerman proposed to Jackson for the second time, with the same engagement ring he had held on to for so many decades. The couple hasn’t set a date yet for their marriage and they say they’re in no rush.

“We’re going to see what happens,” Nora said. “We want to enjoy life.”

Photos via Caters News Agency

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