Purple Heart Awarded to WWII Veteran 70 Years later

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Purple Heart Awarded to WWII Veteran 70 Years later

On April 19th, 1945 Electrician’s Mate Third Class Frederick Stone was wounded in an attack on his ship, the Destroyer USS Butler (DD-686). Though hurt, Stone helped a more seriously wounded comrade to safety before returning to his post. For his WWII service, Stone received a number of medals, including the Bronze Star, but he never received a Purple Heart.

purple heart

Frederick Stone during WWII

Over the years, Stone’s original medals became damaged or lost, but through the help of New York US House of Representatives member, Lee Zeldin, Stone was able to get replacement medals and the Purple Heart he had never received.

Last year, Stone was presented his Purple Heart by Zeldin at the Navy Operational Support Center in Farmingdale, New York. With him were his family, friends and dozens of naval officers who were there to honor a man for his heroic achievements.

Stone’s daughter Cynthia Garippa, who was brought to tears during the ceremony, said “There are so many service men and women who are dying for our country, and to have him receive this Purple Heart is a great honor.”

purple heart

Frederick Stone receives his long awaited Purple Heart

Stone himself was overwhelmed by the ceremony and said he was “speechless” afterward. The Battle of Okinawa was the last great battle the Americans fought during World War Two and also one of the costliest with over 12,000 US Military Personnel killed.


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