Refugees of WWII reach out to Syria

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WWII Refugees reach out to Syria

Refugees from an old war are reaching out to new ones thanks to CARE, a humanitarian organization fighting poverty. CARE which stands for Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere was founded in the US originally as Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe. Original CARE packages were surplus army ten-in-one rations meant for the invasion of Japan which never took place. When supplies of army rations were exhausted, a nutritionist was selected to create new packages. By 1949, CARE had twelve different kinds of packages tailored for the areas to which they were being sent. Pasta was included in Italian packages while tea was put in for English ones, even Kosher packages were made. Many of the recipients of CARE packages were German children who had become refugees. When they received these food packages, new light was shed on their former enemies. It meant much to receive a package from a stranger far away.

Today, some of the German refugees who originally received those CARE packages are now making new CARE packages to send to child refugees from Syria. Although the German refugees are now in their mid to late eighties, they share the same experiences that the children from Syria are suffering. Packages containing food and clothing are being sent to children who have been forced to leave their homes behind. Also included is a letter from the adults sharing their experiences as child refugees in a war seventy years before. More important than the food, is the message of hope, understanding and a reminder that even with all the turmoil in the world, there are still people who care.

For more information and CARE, and to see videos of some of their stories see

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